Welcome to the New Intrinsic Value Wealth Report Newsletter

We are pleased to provide you with the first print edition of the new Intrinsic Value Wealth Report Newsletter.

The Intrinsic Value Wealth Report Newsletter was established in 2012 but has its roots in an investment newsletter I wrote for an investment banking firm in the early 1990s. That newsletter was called, Review & Outlook. When in 2012 I started the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report, as it was called then (note: it did not include the word “Newsletter”), it was intended to be a general resource for my university students and to offer supplemental materials to the regular course materials.

Since its founding in 2012, the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report has evolved to now include a printed newsletter, the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report Newsletter. So, there are now two publications: (1) the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report, which is a free publication; and (2) the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report Newsletter, which is a “Pay What You Want” subscription.

The Intrinsic Value Wealth Report Newsletter covers a variety of investment related topics, including various feature articles on investments; a review of the economy and the investment climate; convertible security analysis; recommended stock picks from our award-winning, proprietary stock picking model, the Cassandra Stock Picking Model; model portfolios; alternative investment classes; market valuations; technical analysis (point & figure analysis) of the stock market; stock focus lists; special situation focus lists; financial planning tips and discussions; stock highlights; and the Intrinsic Value Wealth Creation Pyramid.

We are offering the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report Newsletter as a “Pay What You Want” subscription. Newsletters have different values to different subscribers. So, you pay what the newsletter is worth to you. It could be anywhere from $1.00 to $99.00 – it’s your choice. This is a “value for value” model – pay only for the value that YOU get out of the newsletter. It’s that simple!

The original Intrinsic Value Wealth Report, which has been a free membership site since its founding in 2012, will remain free. It is my belief that educational material should be free and easily accessible to everyone. That will always be the mission of the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report.

I hope that you enjoy both reports, the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report and the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report Newsletter; and all of the publications that are associated with them.

All the best,

Dr. Paul M. Wendee

Editor and Publisher

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