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October 8 2020 – The Missing Piece in the Macroeconomic Puzzle

October 1 2020 – Do P/E Ratios Imply a 44% Drop in the Market?

September 24 2020 – U.S. Government Is Crowding Out Private Investment

September 17 2020 – If You Want To Understand the Financial Markets, Read the Bible

September 10 2020 – What Does the Q Ratio Say About the Market’s Valuation?

September 3 2020 – What Does the Buffett Indicator Say About the Market’s Valuation?

August 27 2020 – Is There A Perfect Storm Brewing?

August 20 2020 – The Three Rights That Lead To Exceptional Investment Returns

August 13 2020 – Should You Plan on Working from Home Well Into the Future? What the Market May Be Telling You!

August 5 2020 – Not So Bullish, But Still Overvalued Part V

July 29 2020 – Can Business Solve the Covid-19 Containment Problem?

July 22 2020 – Is the Stock Market a System 1 Thinker?

July 15 2020 – Maybe Not ‘Irrationally Exuberant’ But Definitely Overvalued

July 8 2020 – Not So Bullish, But Still Overvalued Part IV

July 1 2020 – Not So Bullish, But Still Overvalued Part III

June 24 2020 – Not So Bullish, But Still Overvalued part II

June 17 2020 – Not So Bullish, But Still Overvalued

June 10 2020 – Coronavirus Resurgence – It’s All in the Numbers

June 3 2020 – Are We Coming Off the Bottom or Is This a “Dead Cat Bounce”?

May 27 2020 – Dollar Cost Averaging as an Alternative to “Jumping” Back Into the Market

May 17 2020 – Is Ignoring the Coronavirus An Irrational Thing To Do?

May 4 2020 – Is It Too Soon To Reopen?

April 27 2020 – The Market Is Sometimes Wrong

Building Wealth

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Dollar-Cost Averaging

Investment and Financial Analysis

Using Six Essential Concepts of Investing to Build Wealth (Forbes Article)

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Interview with Dr. Paul M. Wendee on Leadership

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Building Wealth

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Financial Planning and Investments

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Intrinsic Value Wealth Creation Pyramid

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Building Wealth in Four Steps

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NWQ Double Alpha Strategy

The Three Biggest Mistakes Investors Make in Their Portfolios and How to Avoid Them

Strategic Planning and Management

Strategic Planning and Management Flowchart

Northwest Quadrant Opportunity Fund, LLC

Northwest Quadrant Opportunity Fund, LLC engineers and constructs an investment vehicle consisting of Alternative Asset investments.

We do this with our Double Alpha Strategy of:

1.Picking highly qualified asset managers; and

2.Diversifying across asset classes, individual assets, and asset managers.

The fund’s objective is to build a diversified portfolio of strong, solid, steady- performing assets, with highly qualified asset managers who have proven track records that meet our underwriting requirements.

The Goals of the Northwest Quadrant Opportunity Fund, LLC are:

• Generation of Cash Flow

• Preservation of Capital

• Asset Appreciation

• Potential to Reduce Overall Portfolio Risk with Non-Correlated and Low-Correlated Assets

• Achieving Potential Tax Benefits

To learn more about the Northwest Quadrant Opportunity Fund, LLC and to obtain an offering memorandum, please click Northwest Quadrant Opportunity Fund, LLC.

This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Information about the offering described herein is subject to change and the information contained herein is qualified in its entirety by each confidential private placement memorandum for the security (the “Memorandum”). All investments involve risk. All potential investors must read the applicable memorandum, including the “Risk Factors,” prior to purchasing any securities. Any offerings or investments hereunder are being offered under SEC Regulation D, 506c. The aforementioned website is intended solely for the use of accredited investors only.